Duncan Davidson
Sunday, October 18, 2020
Two car-share vehicles blocking a public charge point

🚙 Car sharing is great. Electric car sharing is even better. What’s not great, however, are two car share cars blocking the nearest public charge point — which is a 4 hour parking spot during the daytime — for over three days straight. Worst, these cars aren’t showing up on WeShare’s app which means that nobody can actually drive them away. Deadlock. Not good for anyone, including WeShare.

🧠 Preserving as much mental health as possible right now is top of my mind. Between the COVID-19 pandemic, the election, and a few other things, that’s really tough to do. Last Friday after my morning meetings, I turned off my work laptop, disabled work email and Teams on my phone, and played hooky for the rest of the day. Highly therapeutic.

💪 Mornings are the best time to work out, at least for normal people. ”A new study published in the International Journal of Obesity found those who exercised in the morning lost more weight than those who waited until after 3 p.m. to break a sweat.” I always feel great when I work out first thing, but it doesn’t happen nearly as often as I’d like.

💡 Which programming languages use the least electricity? ”Ultimately the researchers were even able to break down energy consumption based on whether it was being consumed by the CPU or DRAM — concluding that the majority of power (around 88 percent) was consumed by the CPU, on average.” C and Rust lead the list for efficiency. Interestingly, Java comes in 5th place with 3 times the energy consumption. Ruby, Python, and Perl, on the other hand, come in at 70 to 80 times the energy consumption of C and Rust.

🛢 Because I’d like to see as much of the fossil fuel economy shut down as fast as possible, I’m disappointed by the Biden/Harris campaign position on fracking. On the other hand, I can understand the argument that ”the political risk isn’t even necessary: Government leaders may not have to ban fracking, because the economics will likely do it for them.” Let’s hope.

🗽 Caroline Rose Giuliani is endorsing Joe Biden. ”I may not be able to change my father’s mind, but together, we can vote this toxic administration out of office.” Thanksgiving dinner at the Giuliani house has got to be quite the event.