Duncan Davidson



This site is statically hosted by and accelerated worldwide with Azure CDN. The content delivery network uses an origin hosted by Azure Static Web Apps, currently in preview (hence, using Azure CDN in front of it).

It’s built using Eleventy for HTML, PostCSS for CSS, Gulp Responsive and Sharp for image processing, and a few scripts to coordinate everything. The current public version of this site is generated from the main branch of github.com/duncan/web and he process of taking all the bits, statically compiling them, and shipping them off to Azure is handled by GitHub Actions.

The domains for this website are registered at Hover and zones are hosted by Azure DNS. Nifty Lettuce’s Forward Email handles my domain’s email forwarding.


The image of Duncan with camera which appears on this site as well as being used as my social media avatar is ©2013 David Hobby (aka Strobist) and is used with permission.

All other photographs are either credited where they appear or are copyright ©James Duncan Davidson.

Fonts and icons

Open Sans by Steve Matteson at Monotype is used as the main font for this site. Cascadia Code by Aaron Bell at Microsoft is used as the monospace and code font. Variable font files are used for both fonts, and the files are segmented by character language and type (Latin, Greek, etc) using fontTools for smoother loading.

Icons used throughout are a subset from the Font Awesome collection.

All fonts are used under the terms of the SIL Open Font License 1.1.